Saturday, May 12, 2007

Soul is Energy - 2

What is death? Why does everyone die? When does a man die? What causes death?

Soul is energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to other. And when this soul is gone, there is no energy to move, the consciousness of the body is no more. The body can not move, It can not hear, It can not feel.
And this is Death.

But why does a man die? Is it inevitable? Why does the soul leave the body? Who decides that it is the time for soul to leave a body, and that now is the appropriate time to attain a different body? Does soul makes this decision? Can a soul think? Or is there some one who commands the soul?

Soul travels just like any other form of energy. Let it be heat, wind or electricity. Energy always tends to flow from a high potential to low potential.

Every living body can be imagined to exist at a definite energy potential. This potential is dependent on many factors. The value of this potential increases with time. Thus, soul always tries to escape from one body to attain another body with lower potential. However, there is a threshold. A soul can leave only when this barrier is crossed and it tries to attain a body with minimum energy potential. And hence, it always attains the body of a new born.

Since this energy potential is dependent on many factors, some die when they are old and some die when they are young. Some die of natural cause and some die because of disease. Some die on roads and some in wars. Some people kill themselves and some are killed. The rate of change of this energy potential is always positive and hence death is inevitable.

Transformation of energy from one form to another is necessary. This phenomenon makes electricity, quenches thirst and is responsible for functioning of this world. Similarly the soul should travel from one body to other for smooth functioning. This travel of soul from one body to other is just a small part of the big machine that governs this universe.

Hence there is no need to mourn over a dead body, because a new body is born. The soul still lives as it did before.



Blogger Shardul said...

Hmm..well written .
Read "Tao of Physics" if u haven't read it should help u to go deep into these questions..u will be able to understand it better as ur an engineer and there is lot of quantum physics in it.

10:04 AM  

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